Years of experience,

technological know-how and the latest generation

of integrated vision with business management


·  Development in the most popular platforms controllers (PLC) and Fieldbus: Siemens, Rockwell AB, Omron, Schneider, Profibus, DeviceNet, CAN bus.

·  The Software Development Supervision and Man-machine interface on the Windows platform in Visual Basic, Visual C or with the use of the most popular

   SCADA (Wonderware, Intellution Fix, WinCC, Citect, etc.) or with the use of the best terminals operator (Siemens, ESA, Omron) software and remote

   support via telephone, via GSM or via the Internet

·  the MES solutions relating to the collection and processing of real-time data necessary for the corporate ERP system (SAP, Baan, ..)

The most significant experiences


And transportation equipment - storage - mixing powder -granule - liquid , tanneries , paint , chocolate industry , cement industry , industry plastic injection molding industry, adhesives, industrial coatings , powder coatings Industry , Building Automation industry drinks , vases Industry terracotta and bricks , Chemical Industry polystyrene foam insulation and roofing , Feed Mills , plants and machines pellet food and wood, woodworking machinery , Energy , Automotive, painting systems , Fuel pumps ( production and testing ) , Industrial generators and alternators (manufacturing and testing) , industrial compressors ( testing and rehearsal room ) , electric motors industry ( manufacturing and testing ) , production lines and electrical cables winding machines, coaters ( tannery ) , Kneading machines , transfer lines for finishing leather, sewage Treatment Plants , Equipment solvent recovery , cooking ovens , Portals servo presses, automatic assembly lines and production. Non-woven production lines , lines flocking ( alcantara fabrics ) , Production and testing engines bangs, Test Benches (see our specific division )



Intesys is the ideal partner to deal with all  the design and implementation of software phases of the process automation in a vision of integrated management of the company. Everything thanks to years of experience and cultural background combined with the multiple skills of its employees in the field of mechanics, electronics, process, information technology, production management, business.


Various Sectors


·  Machines and plants for continuous production (finishing leather and rubber, roller coating systems, cables, rubber hoses, rolling mills)

·  Process: chemical, rubber, plastic, food & beverage, tanneries, powders, liquids, thermoplastic granules, feed

·  Lines and machinery supply and drain lines, internal transport and palletizing machines, and test systems

·  Robots and assembly machinery (motion control)

·  Brick and Cement

·  Energy, Transportation, Automotive


Not only development and technological know-how, but also...


· Help the customer in choosing the best automation solution as both hardware and software both as procedures and information flows

·  Design, drafting operating specifications coming from our years of experience and our team of experts in various fields (design electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, standards, information technology and business management ...) and our vision of "integrated automation with business management ". The whole documentation according to the latest on Quality and Safety

·  Turnkey supply: supply of equipment such as automation and data collection factory, computer science, electrical panels eventual realization of the board machine, testing-commissioning maintenance-

Testing along with the customer's technical and after-sales support through remote assistance, telephone consultations, operator manuals, training of personnel, direct interventions on the system.


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