Test benches for aircraft starter generators

HS 28400

Test benches for aircraft

starter generators

Starter Test HS 28400 is a mechanical, electric and electronic testing system used to test, maintain and performance-prove aircraft and helicopter starter generators at 28Vdc, max 400 Amps, speed range 4.000-20.000 RPM. It

Mechanical equipment for starter generator driving and coupling

Coupling flange to assure perfect alignment and fastening of the generator to the bench

Safety protections

Electronic motor drive for speed varying, range 4.000 to 20.000 RPM

Resistive load for 28 Vdc, 400 Amps max, 20 Amps step, with digital displays for voltage, current and RPM

(Optional) Torque sensor

StarterTEST HS-28400 enables the operation and testing of 28Vdc 400A starter-generators across a wide range, from 0 RPM up to 12,000 RPM.

This versatile system provides precise measurements of speed, current, voltage, and direction of rotation, offering comprehensive testing capabilities for your 28Vdc 400A starter-generators.

GenTEST Vision basic Software


Introducing our basic software solution designed for seamless communication between your PC and generators. This user-friendly software facilitates the display and configuration of generator values and parameters with ease.

Key Features:

Display of electric values collected from a set of instruments certified

Display of torque and speed values

Display of no. 3 temperatures

Start/Stop commands *

Alarms display and handling

Speed control (manual set) *

Values storing through manual key on computer keyboard on Excel and CSV/TXT files (“acquire” key)

Software module to be reused in more powerful-full featured GenTEST LAB version for laboratory test of alternators/Generators

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