Our Testing benches


Test benches for pumps  centrifuges, for water positive displacement pumps, for vacuum pumps and compressors.


Centrifugal pump testing


Volumetric pump testing


Testing of vacuum pumps, compressors and fans;


StarterTEST HS-28400 allows running/testing of 28Vdc 400 A starter generators, from 0 RPM up to 12000 Rpm: speed, current, voltage, direction of rotation.

With Intesys test benches, we customise solutions for research and development, as well as for end-of-line testing.

We adapt both hardware and software to meet your specific needs. We cover a wide range of tests, from electric motor efficiency to air leakage tests for a variety of products

Find out how our Intesys test benches can improve your production. Contact us to request a quote
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