Test benches for

Submerse Pumps


(Engine Drag aboard bench)

PumpTEST Software

Data acquisition and control software for testing of centrifugal pumps according to ISO 9906 …..


Containerized mobile

 test benches for

Surface and submersed

centrifugal pumps

Automatic test benches for

Standard flanged

centrifugal pumps



Data acquisition and control software for testing of centrifugal pumps according to standard ISO 9906


Main features

Data Page

It allows the visualization of data that define a test. They can be divided into:


- Nominal data, containing all information and settings needed to run the test report

- Measurement data, containing all the data of the tests already performed.

   The measurement data are arranged on different tables. Each table corresponds to a test. You can perform the following:

- Adding a new test report

- Edit test report

- Delete test report

- Upload test report


Synoptic page

Shows the status of the test bench and allows the execution of the various tests. It also displays real-time acquired quantities.

Settings page

It allows the setting of the offset values of the acquired signals. It also has more settings you can change about the program's operation and status of the plant.

Graphics Page

Allows the graphical display of measurements. Can be viewed up to five different sizes simultaneously.

Alarms Page

View the status of the alarm system. If you proceed with the alarm signal the operator of the problem.

Archive of tests carried out

The data is stored in a database. For each pump tested the system offers a serial number given in a manner to be agreed with the possibility to search through the same serial number.

The system allows the reprinting of the test report.

The selected data can be exported from Access to Excel files.


Composed of two tables

Test reports table, which contains for each record in the rating of the pump

Measurements table, which maps to each record an acquisition performed

Each database record can have up to a maximum of sixty fields.


The Excel file on the test run has the following format:

A sheet containing all the information the of test and related measurements.

Other worksheets in which information and data are presented graphically in the form of standardized reports.

Reports can be customized






Test benches for vertical multi-stage centrifugal pumps with or without motor

Vertical pumps up to 25 mc/h and 270 m of head


This computerized end-line test bench, after a self setting, an automatic fastening and hydraulic and mechanical coupling, performs standard safety tests, a series of hydraulic and electrical functional testing through the automatic control of two proportional valves that vary the pump capacity. At the end it prints a test report for each pump.


Triple station test bench for vertical multi-stage and horizontal centrifugal pumps

The bench consists of a tank and three independent stations for simultaneous testing of vertical and horizontal electric pumps


The fastening and coupling are manual while the hydraulic and electrical testing cycles are automatic.

The bench is also equipped with a speed controlled  booster pump  to create an extra head for high-flow low-head pumps.


Station #1:  Vertical multi-stage pumps with or w/o motor up to 25 mc/h and 270 mt of head.


Station #2: Vertical multi-stage pumps with or w/o motor up to 80 mc/h and 300 mt of head


Station #3: Horizontal single or multi-stage pumps with motor up to 360 mc/h and 100 mt of head







Full automatic test bench for horizontal small size pumps

(MEC63, MEC71)

End line automatic test bench equipped with a PLC and operator terminal. After a self setting, an automatic fastening and hydraulic and mechanical coupling, this bench performs standard safety tests, a series of hydraulic and electrical functional testing through the automatic control of a proportional valve that vary the pump capacity thus verifying head and flow at some preset valve positions. At the end it prints a test report for each pump. Bench is also equipped with a voltage (0 to 500 V) and frequency (50 or 60 Hz) power supply.



Prototype testing room for any pump up to 7000 l / min


Intesys helps the customer in defining specifications, provides the mechanical and hydraulic engineering, as well as turnkey hydraulic plant and mechanics,  instrumentations and sensors (pressure, flow, temperature, electrical), the data acquisition and control systems and software for automatic result acquisition, reports printing and storing



Test bench for submersible water pumps with or without electric motor


Computerized test bench for acquiring hydraulic values (up to 80 m3/h and 50 bar), mechanical power on shaft (torque values from 6 to 200 Nm) and pump speed (up to 3800 RPM). An on-board electric motor with electronic drive allows pump speed varying and a torque meter allows real-time torque measurements


The bench is equipped with a stainless-steel tank which is divided in 2 section: one for pump fastening and coupling to the motor, the other for submersing the pump during the test.


The data acquisition and control system allows manual and automatic testing. The software PumpTEST is based on LabVIEW® and has a database for standard reference tests and a historic database of tests which can retrieved and printed on custom test reports to be attached to every pump after testing.



Low cost testing tank for peripheric and submersible pumps – suitable for pump repair shops


Max 60HP peripheric and submersible pumps, 120 mt max head, up to 800 m3/h (3500 GPM) delivery. The bench is equipped with a electric panel for power supply (5 kinds of international plugs). Displays for pressure, head and electric values. Splash guard walls and motorized valve for flow and pressure control. Download tech. sheet pdf (169 KB).

Multipurpose testing tank for various types of pumps –

suitable for pump testing room

Stainless steel tank for testing of circulators and in-line pumps, surface pumps and submersible pums, 15 to 2000 lt/min delivery range, 250 mt max head. Equipped with:


- Manual or automatic On/Off valves and flow adjusting valves


- Magnetic flow sensors

- Pressure (head) sensors sensori

- 19” Rack with instrumentation and data acquisition and control system equipped with LabVIEW based PumpTEST software (see PumpTEST section)

Test bench for chopper pumps (with or without motor)


Mechanics for pump clamping and driving of horizontal chopper pumps up to 75 KW equipped with a electric pump driving motor and speed pump varying system up to 4000 RPM


Tank and piping for flow testing in the range 3 – 1500 m3/h


Accessories (vacuum tank and pump + sensors + control) to allow NPSH curve determination


Data acquisition and control system to test the torque (mech power on pump shaft) using an on-board torque meter, flows, heads, NPSH, electric values (pumps with electric motor), mechanic and hydraulic efficiencies, speed variation, flow regulation trough automatic On/Off and adjusting valves

Containerized 100 KW mobile test benches for surface and submersible centrifugal pumps

Composed of

-      no 1 20’ ISO Tank container for testing submersible and horizontal pumps

-      no 1 20’ storage container

-      no 1 20’ control container with piping, valves, flow and pressure sensors and electric control panels

-      Piping, valves, flow meters and sensors

-      Electric power panel with electric terminal

-      19” rack for data acquisition and control system with PumpTest software

-      Sensors and instruments

-      Electronic variable power supply system


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