About us

Intesys is based in Caldogno (VI) and was founded in 1992 to operate in the automatic testing sector, responding to the market need for increasingly reliable and efficient production testing

At the beginning of the business, Intesys focused on the supply of test benches for electric pumps

then extends its scope of work to systems for alternators, generator sets, valves, electric motors and the automation of related processes.

In a short time, it became a reference company in the field of automatic testing for electromechanical components, and its customer implementations became numerous and increasingly cutting-edge. The offer extends to production to test benches for hydraulic pumps and valves, positive displacement pumps, vacuum pumps and compressors. In 2003, it began distributing in Italy a very innovative patented system produced by the Israeli company MEA Ltd for the testing in seconds of

electric motors and their applications, without the use of the dynamometric brake. At the same time, Intesys expanded its activities into the field of automation for industrial machines and plants, acquiring numerous customers, who are being serviced ever more quickly and efficiently.

Intesys operates not only in the Italian market but also in foreign markets both by offering test benches and industrial automation projects with installations in Australia, Singapore, France, England, Spain, Romania, Russia and Argentina.


Over the years, Intesys has managed to consolidate a competitive position thanks to specific know-how and a highly qualified staff with experience in the design and implementation of hydraulic, mechanical, electrical and software projects. All Intesys design engineers are engineering graduates and represent a fundamental asset on which the company bases its development.

Intesys’ commercial policy is dynamic and aggressive, attentive to the market and the needs of the industry.

Intesys strongly believes in concrete and transparent forms of collaboration and is therefore constantly looking for synergies with manufacturers of sensors, instrumentation and control and data acquisition equipment, suppliers of precision mechanical equipment and suppliers of data acquisition and industrial automation software development. These collaborations result in ever more cutting-edge solutions for the benefit of end customers.


Intesys’ offering is aimed in particular at medium to large-sized companies, and the solutions developed over time have been adapted to meet the needs of smaller companies as well.

The customers acquired over the years have been many, in the most diverse industrial sectors: from plant engineering to process control, from robotics to mechanical components.

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