Test benches for synchronous and asynchronous alternators 

single and three-phase up to 2000 kvar.

Test benches for single and three-phase synchronous and asynchronous alternators up to 2000 kvar.

Test bench for synchronous and asynchronous alternators

Power range 25 – 2000 KVA

Frequencies 50 and 60 Hz

Voltages 400 and 480 Vac

Purely inductive or ohmic-inductive load

Manual or automatic computer control of the test cycle

Manual or automatic load selection

Digital and analogue instrumentation

On-board computer and GenTEST software for control, data acquisition and storage, report printing

Software GenTest


MotorTEST LabVIEW® is software that enables the complete characterisation of electric motors on motor brake benches and is compatible with a wide range of market-standard control/data acquisition systems and instrumentation

Detectable quantities:
motor speed, torque, power output, voltages, currents, absorbed and apparent power, power factor, efficiency, slip, mains frequency, motor winding resistances, temperatures

Motor and brake registration data archive:
database in MS Access format into which the operator enters both the test bench settings and the registration data of the engines to be tested; The parameters selected before testing will automatically set the inverter configuration of the braking motor and the inverter configuration of the motor to be tested (high-frequency motors)

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