MotorTest Endothermic

Test benches for Endothermic engines

They detect the electrical/dynamic characteristics and temperature test of asynchronous, single-phase and three-phase, brushless and DC electric motors.

These are brake banks that use an electric motor controlled by a frequency converter (inverter) as the braking element instead of an eddy-current or magnetic powder brake.

The motor+converter transforms the mechanical energy of the motor under test into electrical energy that can be returned to the grid or reused within the company’s own power supply or by a variable frequency power supply. Dynamic brakes are the best solution for every type of electric motor

MotorTest DB


for powers from 1 KW up to 1 MW and speeds up to 4,000 RPM (see brochure “MotorTEST brake benches” – pdf, 2 MB).

MotorTest DBH

high-speed and variable speed up to 25000 RPM and power up to 62 KW (electrospindles, inverter-driven motors/drives – see brochure pdf “high-speed brake benches” – pdf, 460 KB)

MotorTest DBV

for AC and DC traction motors with variable speed up to 10000 RPM and power up to 50 KW controlled by inverters/drivers – see pdf brochure “brake benches for traction motors” – pdf, 633 KB)

Inertial dynamometers MEA

MEA solutions allow revolutionary testing of the dynamic and electrical performance of electric motors from a few watts to thousands of watts in seconds and without the use of a brake;

The system is based on Newton’s law whereby the pair C(t)

Where MOI is the moment of inertia, derived from the same MEA

And dw/dt is the angular acceleration obtained through the use of a special, very precise and fast speed sensor

 The MEA system therefore  uses no torque sensor. That is why it can be used both for very small motors of a few watts and for megawatt motors

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