Test benches for gearboxes and transmissions.


Versatile test system for analysing planetary, parallel, worm and bevel gearboxes. By integrating optimised motors and torque transducers, we enable detailed evaluation of gearbox performance and precise calculation of their efficiency. Intesys has developed a customised and flexible system, tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers.


Intesys designs test benches dedicated to the production of agricultural transmissions.

The tests follow the customer’s testing procedures, which define the parameters to be examined together with their acceptance intervals. The complexity of the machines varies according to specific customer requirements. All units are supervised by a PC and data acquisition system, using proprietary software for parameter configuration, storage and printing of results, as well as overall machine management. On request, we also offer NVH analysis and integration with ECU and TCU management.

MotorTest Software


MotorTEST LabVIEW® is software that enables the complete characterisation of electric motors on motor brake benches and is compatible with a wide range of market-standard control/data acquisition systems and instrumentation

Detectable quantities:

motor speed, torque, power output, voltages, currents, absorbed and apparent power, power factor, efficiency, slip, mains frequency, motor winding resistances, temperatures

Motor and brake registration data archive:

database in MS Access format into which the operator enters both the test bench settings and the registration data of the engines to be tested; The parameters selected before testing will automatically set the inverter configuration of the braking motor and the inverter configuration of the motor to be tested (high-frequency motors)

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