Road Simulation Accuracy


Our vehicle chassis dynamometer system offers the possibility of subjecting a vehicle to a complete road simulation. This solution enables repeatable, accurate and measurable testing, eliminating the errors often found in traditional road tests due to external factors.

In our field, we design and build complete test benches, overhaul the mechanics and electronics of existing ones, install new acquisition systems and transducers, and update management software. We use a multifunctional electric motor, advanced switchgear for complete test monitoring, power management and exhaust gas analysis. We also provide air intake systems, ventilation, combustion air management, cooling towers and all necessary measures to ensure safety and soundproofing of the work area. With Intesys, your complete solution for reliable and advanced testing.

Data collected

Our test benches provide a wide range of data, allowing in-depth analysis and precise optimisation of vehicle performance:


Acceleration and deceleration

Engine torque



Barometric quantities

Real and correct power


Component resistance


MotorTest Software


MotorTEST LabVIEW® is software that enables the complete characterisation of electric motors on motor brake benches and is compatible with a wide range of market-standard control/data acquisition systems and instrumentation

Detectable quantities:

motor speed, torque, power output, voltages, currents, absorbed and apparent power, power factor, efficiency, slip, mains frequency, motor winding resistances, temperatures

Motor and brake registration data archive:

database in MS Access format into which the operator enters both the test bench settings and the registration data of the engines to be tested; The parameters selected before testing will automatically set the inverter configuration of the braking motor and the inverter configuration of the motor to be tested (high-frequency motors)

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